Size Chart for Abaya Measurement

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Size Chart


Bust Size
Hip Size
Abaya Length
40in (102cm)
46in (117cm)
 50-52in (127-132cm)
42in (107cm)
48in (122cm)
52-54in (132-137cm)
46in (117cm)
52in (132cm)
54-56in (137-142cm)
48in (122cm)
54in (137cm)
56-57in (137-145cm)
50in (127cm)
56in (142cm)

How to use the size chart:
Shown in the size chart are the exact dimensions (hip and bust) for each size label in the first column. You would need a tape measure to get your own bust and hip measurement. Then using the chart above, choose a size with a bust size that is 6 inches bigger than your actual bust measurement OR a hip size that is 8 inches bigger than your actual hip measurement.

For example, your measurements are as follows:
Bust: 34 inches
Hip: 38 inches
Bust: 34 + 6 = 40 inches.
Hip : 38 + 8 = 46 inches
Using the values 40 inches (bust) and 46 inches (hip) the above size chart, the corresponding size is S.
If the resulting value is in between two sizes (let's say, between S and M) choose the bigger size.

Please use this Unit Converter to go from metric to inches